Managed Solutions is more than just managed internet connection for 3DS. We do more than just Call your provider when your connection goes down. We see it as an opertunity to help your buisness run smoother. With proactive security monitoring and redundant connections it will mean less downtime and troubles for you. With Managed Broadband from 3DS you will have our vast experience to solve your issues quickly and take responsibility to solve your network problems. For both large and small buisnesses we can support your network. Our many partners and vast experience in both wired and wireless networks allows us to provide multiple connections at any size. Managed connections for POS machines to Managed Fiber Networks for Service providers we have a solution to fit your needs.


What We Do:
• Take ownership – No finger pointing
• Secure Connections to Our Datacenters
• Rapid response enhanced remote access service
• Wide Area Network (WAN) Management
• Vendor visit alerting
• Redundant broadband Internet connections to every location, with automatic failover and same IP failover
• Replace your expensive MPLS or T1’s
• Proactive remote assistance and local tech dispatch when necessary
• 99.99% Internet Service Uptime
• Single-point of contact for Internet issues
• Consolidated billing – a single bill for all locations
• IPv6 ready

Who are our services best suited for:
• Other Managed Service Providers / WiFi Service Industry
• Large Enterprise Remote locations
• Oil and Gas / Farming remote device monitoring
• Businesses with multiple locations
• Businesses with hard-to-reach locations
• Convenience Stores / Travel Centers
• Hospitality Industry / Hotel
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Franchises
• Retail Stores
• Grocery Stores
• City’s
• RV and Campgrounds



Not only do we monitor and respond to poor signal reports of failed Wifi APs, but we proactively monitor traffic patterns and provide a secure and reliable solution for your clients. From outdoor venues to the single coffee shop let us use our  experience to provide them with the best experience possible.


In this day in age recent surveys have listed Broadband only second to location when they are looking for a place to live. If you operate an Apartment or looking for solutions for your Condo association let us get you the fastest most reliable solution. Do not Depend on the big Cable and telephone companies that have a history of horrible customer service. Give them a choice and let 3DS provide blazing fast reliable Internet that will draw more residents to your property.


Nearly all transactions in the hospitality industry are completed with credit or debit cards. Most of these transactions are processed over the Internet. During an Internet outage over 24hr that could be a $50,000 outage not including cost to repair the issue. Not to mention the loss in your customers satisfaction. Most all Travelers today require an internet connection while they travel. If your business has negative reviews for loss of this connection it will persuade customers to go elsewhere. Let 3DS Manage this for you and Keep you connected.